Lauren & Nick // Tulsa Engagement session during COVID-19 Pandemic

May 22, 2020

Hey babes and followers! WOOH it’s time for another blog! This season has been crazy with all the postponements, and let’s be real. There have been many tears on my part. Not just for myself, but for watching my brides hurt! Life is finally going back to a little bit of normalcy, and I’ve began shooting again! CUE THE HAPPY TEARS. Todays blog is of my June bride & groom Lauren & Nick! They are having their wedding in Tulsa, OK at the Lark Venue! This Oklahoma engagement session is very “them” with an outfit to showcase their love for running. HOW CUTE?! We chose Turkey Mountain for their location because it showcases some of the beautiful scenery Tulsa has to offer! I asked my bride Lauren some questions about what wedding planning has been like during this pandemic. Read below!

Kelsey: What is it like planning a wedding during COVID-19?

Lauren: Planning a wedding during COVID-19 is really stretching our creativity! There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding any plans we make right now, so we have to make sure we have backup plans in place too. We are just staying optimistic and making adjustments as the situation changes!

Kelsey: Has the process been stressful? Or are you taking it day by day?

Lauren: I haven’t really felt stressed about the planning process at all! At the end of the day, I get to marry Nick and I am much more excited for our marriage than for the wedding. We are definitely taking it day by day, and due to the ongoing nature of a pandemic we will just have to continue to do that through June 20th! We are well aware that everything could change again by then, but right now we are hopeful to have at least a version of the wedding we originally planned.

Kelsey: Why are you excited to marry your groom?

Lauren: I am excited to marry Nick for so many reasons! Nick is so kind, so smart and so loving. He leads by example and his love of Christ and of truth is going to make him the best husband and leader for our family! He is so patient and has been so supportive of me as I work as a nurse in this weird time. He is also one of the goofiest and most creative people I’ve ever met. His sense of humor has a way of making people comfortable around him and around each other. I could go on and on, but I am truly so lucky to be marrying someone as incredible as Nick!

Kelsey: What is Nick (her groom) most excited for on the wedding day?

Lauren: I would say that (besides marrying me!) Nick is most excited to have all of our favorite people in one place! Nick is a strong extrovert and he has really not been thriving in quarantine, so he is VERY excited to have everyone together again. Nick is also excited to see his ring, which I chose and bought without him seeing so it could be a surprise on our wedding day!

Kelsey: What will be be most memorable about this time for you?

Lauren: For me, the most memorable thing will be how this time has brought into focus what’s most important. It would be so easy to get caught up in wedding planning and lose sight of the meaning behind it, but when you aren’t sure you’ll even be having a wedding it really reminds you of the purpose behind all the planning: marrying your best friend.