I'm so awkward in front of the camera! How do I act?

ACT LIKE YOURSELVES! It is so cliche, but it is so true. However you feel in person, looks 100x better on my screen. I cannot tell you how many times i’ve heard couples say how awkward they are and come out looking like they were born to do this! I love nothing more than seeing two people crack up at each other, and act like i’m not even there. Make each other laugh! Tickle her! Whisper something sweet in her ear! I promise I don’t judge. I’m just there to document the moments 😉 If you are uncomfortable on camera, it can show. So let loose and remind yourself they are just photos, and memories as well! I promise you look like a queen!

What do we wear?

Neutral colors work best on the camera! (Black, white, grey, navy, cream, mauve). Whether it’s an engagement, family or senior shoot! For girls I love flowy dresses! They work great with the wind, and look so beautiful in photos. Hats are also a great option for an accessory! For boys, a suit or jeans with a button up work perfect! Do you wanna wear pajamas to your session? Girl, you do you. Of course I want you to be comfortable more importantly, but if you need a little help, below is my Pinterest board for some ideas. Take a look!