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I thought I'd go ahead and match a face with the name! Hey friends! I am a wedding photographer in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area specializing in all things “love”! I am an NSU graduate with a bachelors degree in Business. As a full time wedding photographer I have all the time to focus on your dreamy images! When I began this career in 2017, I took photos of anything and everything I could. After years of photography and thousands of hours behind my camera screen I found what makes my soul happiest. WEDDINGS!

Your Photographer / Wedding stylist / ... and hype woman.

Hi, I'm Kelsey!

A little about me? Let's go! I'm born and raised in Oklahoma from my amazing parents of 30+ years of marriage! Marriage is so special, watching couples week in and week out commit their lives to each other is such a TREAT! I went full time with wedding photography in 2018 and never looked back. I served tables full time while attending college full time, so my plate was full; but I knew wedding photography was what I was meant to do!

I got married myself in November of 2023, it was truly the best day ever. We have 3 fur babies who are our lives! In my spare time I enjoy browsing amazon, watching netflix, spending time with friends and family and hanging out with my husband! Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is my life. 

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If you are looking for a photographer to photoshop every "flaw" and force awkward smiling poses on you, then I am probably not the best fit for you. If I take your photos, you're not just my client, you are my friend. (Cheesy but TRUE!) The little in-between moments are some of my favorite things to capture. I love making sessions fun, and laid-back. So be ready for some laughs! Instead of the traditional "forced" poses that we all secretly hate, I like to keep my couples moving, and capture the two of you as you truly are. Whether it be piggy back rides or running into each other’s arms like the rom-coms we all love to hate. I have a mellow personality while also being a ball of energy! Fun mix huh?! I like to bring out the best in my couples through my lens. 

Capturing moments from today...

Creating memories for a lifetime.

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